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Bug#260659: libxaw7-dev: Add "specs" documentation


A friend of mine told me about the xspecs package. I can tell I would
have never been able to find that by doing apt-file search Xaw and
suchs, since the file I was looking for is called widgets.ps...

He also told me that you wouldn't consider distributing specs files
in corresponding -dev packages... That would help a lot, to my mind,
but you're the maintainer, and I agree that this documentation is
quite big for so installed a package.

But at least those -dev packages should include some
/usr/share/doc/package/README.Debian that tells that full documentation
can be found in the xspecs package and give the precise file name in
/usr/share/doc/xspecs (I wouldn't have found "widget.ps" by myself
while looking for libXaw...), and add Suggest: xspecs to the control.


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