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Bug#257142: xutils: makedepend looks for stddef.h, stdarg.h (and others) in wrong directories

On Fri, Jul 16, 2004 at 11:47:06AM +0200, Fred JEAN wrote:
> Branden Robinson a écrit :
> >Can you provide a reproduction recipe for this bug, please?

> Sorry , I'm not an expert...
> I'm not sure to understand  what you want !
> Here is the whole story :
> I tried to install the ncarg libraries 
> (http://ngwww.ucar.edu/ng4.3/index.html) from sources using the standard 
> step by step procedure described in the INSTALL file, after having 
> installed debian packages for required X11 libraries.
> During the 'make everything' of the install process of those libraries, 
> I noticed the warnings mentionned in my email.
> Hope this help you
> Thanks for your help

Yes, this looks like enough for other people to duplicate your problem for

Thanks for following up!

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