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Bug#259639: xserver-xfree86: [ati] X starts a bit, then returns to console; [drm:radeon_unlock] *ERROR* Process 1389 using kernel context 0



> shot's `startx` ends up in that "immediate session exit", while
> `XFree86...` gives the same "Cannot move old logfile" error.

Sigh. So I've finally learned about the ~/.xsession-errors
file, and, sure enough, at the end of it was the line

** (gnome-session:13910): WARNING **: Unable to read ICE authority file: /home/shot/.ICEauthority

After chmodding ~/.ICEauthority from root:root to shot:shot everythings
works again. Sorry for taking your time and filing an "important"
bug against the wrong package; all I can say in my defense is that
~/.ICEauthority must've somehow chagned to root:root around the same
time I upgraded X to 4.3.0.dfsg.1-6.

Thanks again for your time and please close this bug.

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