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Bug#256863: This bug can probably be closed

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:


> Well, I think what the code does is make buttons that were formerly
> numbered 6 and 7 numbered 4 and 5 instead.

Ah, that sounds right.

>> > How recently did you notice this change in scroll wheel behavior?
>> > What version of the xfree86 packages were you running previously?
>> Very recently (in the last couple of weeks).  So September 2003
>> doesn't seem possible.  I've been running unstable for about a year,
>> (updating most days) so I've presumably been running 4.2.1-12 and
>> later for a long time.
> You didn't happen to have your X server up for a good 8--10 months, did
> you?

No, that can't be it.  I was running X from an experimental source for
a while, so I guess it's possible that I somehow missed it before.  It
doesn't feel likely, but these things happen.  Anyway, everything's
working now with the mouse.


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