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Bug#169427: When the default mouse is gone, X should still work

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 02:07:54AM -0400, Marques Johansson wrote:
> Package: xserver-xfree86
> Version: 4.3.0.dfsg.1-5
> Followup-For: Bug #169427
> I stumbled upon this bug on my laptop which has a builtin ps/2 mouse.
> After doing an upgrade /dev/psaux went away.  This caused X not to load
> at the next boot and for whatever reason gdm wouldn't pass control onto
> the next rc file.
> X has the configuration allowing for a secondary mouse in
> /dev/input/mice. this allows for (2.6) ps2 mice and usb mice to work well
> under a default X config.  However, the lack of the 'Option
> "AllowMouseOpenFail" "true"' causes X to not load when it otherwise would
> have loaded happily.
> What harm could be done in changing the default debian XF86Config-4 to
> include this line?  In a worst case, someone with an improper mouse
> configuration gets keyboard-only access to X.

The problem with this suggestion is that most people don't know how to
activate keyboard-only mode, or how to use it once it is activated (I'm an
X veteran compared to many folks, and I can't remember which keypad buttons
correspond to which mouse bottons, which is the lock, the drag, and so

Giving people a graphical environment they can't figure out how to use
scarcely seems better than not giving them one at all.

G. Branden Robinson                |    I had thought very carefully about
Debian GNU/Linux                   |    committing hara-kiri over this, but
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