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Processed: Re: Bug#255467: FocusOut event instead KeyRelease

Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:

> reassign 255467 xlibs
Bug#255467: FocusOut event instead KeyRelease
Bug reassigned from package `xfree86-common' to `xlibs'.

> severity 255467 serious
Bug#255467: FocusOut event instead KeyRelease
Severity set to `serious'.

> close 255467
Bug#255467: FocusOut event instead KeyRelease
'close' is deprecated; see http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer#closing.
Bug closed, send any further explanations to Mait Vares <vares@linux.ee>

> merge 255467 254973
Bug#254973: metacity: Alt-Tab doesn't works
Bug#255467: FocusOut event instead KeyRelease
Bug#254923: xserver-xfree86: [keyboard] alt key not working when starting from display manager
Bug#255063: capplets: Problem with keyboard shortcuts containing <Alt>
Bug#255192: Alt-Tab switching broken in dfsg.1-5
Bug#255216: kwin: alt+tab does not work shen tab is released first
Bug#255332: kde: hangs when switching windows with alt+tab
Bug#255778: metacity: Desktop list doesn't disappear after switching desktops with <ctrl><alt>arrow
Bug#256192: xlibs: Alt_L is seen like a normal key instead a modifier [it]
Bug#256594: metacity: alt-tab doesn't change focus on release
Bug#256596: metacity: <Alt>Tab does not switch windows, other keybindings does
Bug#256875: metacity: Alt-Tab fails to actually change windows
Bug#256939: metacity: alt+tab does not work
Bug#257044: gnome-core: Alt keys not being treated as meta keys
Bug#257294: desktop switcher stays visible
Bug#257305: metacity: Alt-Tab brings up popup, but won't switch to other apps
Bug#257454: desktop switcher stays on top
Bug#257498: capplets: Alt-Tab no longer working properly (Alt "sticking"?)
Bug#258003: metacity: Alt-tab switches window but doesn't give focus
Bug#258054: metacity: Cycle window does not work anymore.
Bug#258231: Window switching keys don't seem to actually switch windows
Merged 254923 254973 255063 255192 255216 255332 255467 255778 256192 256594 256596 256875 256939 257044 257294 257305 257454 257498 258003 258054 258231.

> thanks
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