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Bug#254601: XFree refusees to start with sis video card, complains about unresolved symbols

Thomas Winischhofer wrote:


 >Section "Module"
 >    #Load"GLcore"
 >    Load"bitmap"
 >    Load"dbe"
 >    #Load"ddc"
 >    #Load"dri"
 >    Load"extmod"
 >    Load"freetype"

 >    #Load"glx"

Either uncomment this last statement or place

    Option "DRI" "off"

in the "Device" section.

The current driver, like most others, loads the DRI module automatically unless specifically told not to do so by the option "DRI". Unfortunately, the dri module isn't smart enough to load the glx module, so this one must be loaded "manually", ie by specifying it in the "Module" section.


I just enhanced/fixed this in the driver available on my website (06/17). It now loads the glx module if that hasn't been loaded before. Hence, it does not matter if Load "dri" and/or Load "glx" are in the Module section. Unless option "DRI" is set to "off", the driver will load both.


Thomas Winischhofer
thomas AT winischhofer DOT net	       *** http://www.winischhofer.net
twini AT xfree86 DOT org

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