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X Strike Force XFree86 SVN commit: r1550 - trunk/debian

Author: fabbione
Date: 2004-06-17 00:57:59 -0500 (Thu, 17 Jun 2004)
New Revision: 1550

Remove 4.3.0.dfsg.1-5 entries.

Modified: trunk/debian/CHANGESETS
--- trunk/debian/CHANGESETS	2004-06-17 05:56:03 UTC (rev 1549)
+++ trunk/debian/CHANGESETS	2004-06-17 05:57:59 UTC (rev 1550)
@@ -8,158 +8,6 @@
 (It should always be safe to merge the latest version of TODO or CHANGESETS
 files anywhere.)
-    1518
-Miscellaneous cosmetic fixes.
-    1473, 1484, 1485, 1502
-Re-run debconf-updatepo to get templates.pot and po files in sync with
-debconf template changes in 4.3.0.dfsg.1-3.
-    1475, 1501
-Update Greek debconf template translations (thanks, Konstantinos
-Margaritis).  (Closes: #251509)
-    1478
-Grab updates to XKB data from XFree86 CVS, mostly from 2003-05, with a
-couple of later updates (none later than 2003-12-18).  Remove supserseded
-portion of patch #013.  Adjust offsets in patch #084.  Update MANIFEST
-files and ship new chicony, ibm/thinkpad, and omnibook XKB geometry files.
-    1481
-Merge Josh Triplett's clean-room reimplementation of post-#187 changes to XTerm
-in XFree86 CVS.  Upgrade XTerm to #190.  Check for changes pulled from XFree86
-CVS and deal with them appropriately.  Resync patch #907.
-    1482, 1500
-Update Czech debconf template translations (thanks, Mirsoslav Kure).
-(Closes: #251681)
-    1487
-Attempt to mitigate serious DRI performance problems on Rage 128 chips by
-retrying CCE idle commands until the timeout is reached (thanks, Daniel
-Jacobowitz!).  (Closes: #223089)
-    1503
-Grab missing part of updated XVideo (Xv) server-side implementation from
-XFree86 CVS as of 2003-04-30.  Update module loader to export the new
-symbols xf86XVCopyYUV12ToPacked and xf86XVCopyPacked to drivers.  Thanks
-to Michel Dänzer for diagnosing the problem.  (Closes: #251307)
-    1504
-Add -s, --stdout option to dexconf, and document this new option in its
-manpage.  This option instructs dexconf to write the generated
-configuration file to standard output.
-    1505
-Modify xvfb-run to create a temporary directory (respecting $TMPDIR) in
-addition to temporary file for the X authority file; this way we do not
-have to worry about whether xauth(1x) manages the authority file in a
-secure fashion.  Also, if the user specifies an authority file to use, do
-not create it or remove it.  Document these changes in behavior in
-xvfb-run's manual page.
-    1506
-Modify Xsession to always append to the error file, closing a temporary
-file race condition window if it has to fall back to using tempfile(1) to
-create an X session error file.  Because it always appends now, log the
-fact that the session has started, the username, and the date to the X
-session error file once it is successfully opened.  Document this change
-in behavior in Xsession(5).
-    1507
-Update Xsession(5) manpage to document the file specifications of the X
-session "scriptlets" that are shipped by default.  Make other cosmetic and
-stylistic improvements.
-    1508
-Reduce susceptibility of tempfile(1)-using maintainer scripts to temporary
-file race conditions by only appending to temporary files created by
-tempfile, instead of recreating them with the shell redirection operator.
-Make xserver-xfree86 postinst script use new --stdout option of dexconf,
-and increase versioned dependency of xserver-xfree86 on xserver-common
-accordingly.  (Thanks to Andrew Suffield for pointing out this problem.)
-    1509
-Fix XFree86 X server's PCI bus support code to be able to cope with both
-Linux 2.4 and Linux 2.6 styles of organization for /proc/bus/pci, checking
-for the 2.6 style first (thanks, Daniel Seyffer and Ciaran McCreesh).
-(Closes: #225526)
-    1510
-Modify xserver-xfree86's config script to be more paranoid and mistrustful
-of Discover.  Store standard error from checking for the installed version
-of Discover instead of discarding it, and if this fails, report Discover's
-error output to the user and trap the failure instead of permitting it to
-break us.  (Thanks to Kevin B. McCarty for identifying the cause of these
-mysterious failures; see #251690 and #252348.  Thanks also to the libcurl2
-maintainer for the reminder that "The issue isn't whether you're
-paranoid...The issue is whether you're paranoid *enough*." [Max Peltier])
-    1511
-Expand patch #104 to prevent 64-bit addressing modes from being used when
-they should not be on UltraSPARC Linux.
-    1512
-Enhance xserver-xfree86's config script to be able to handle the new
-output format of lspci, which reports the PCI domain information as well.
-Retain support for the older lspci format, and if the output format isn't
-recognized at all, issue a warning and do not set a default answer for the
-BusID debconf question.  (Closes: #251568)
-    1514
-Update xserver-xfree86's config script and debconf templates file to
-support "1280x1024 @ 60Hz" in the list of modes the user can select to
-configure the monitor characteristics using the "medium method".
-    1515
-Fix and enhance Bus ID validation code in xserver-xfree86's config script
-to recognize all bus types and corresponding ID formats supported by
-XFree86 (ISA, PCI, SBUS).  Update template descriptions accordingly.
-(Closes: #251808)
-    1516
-Add "bug" script for xlibmesa-dri package to attempt to automatically
-gather useful information when people report problems with DRI/3D
-acceleration.  Ship this script in the xlibmesa-dri package where
-reportbug will find it.  Thanks to Michel Dänzer for his suggestions.
-    1517
-Fix bug in sessreg such that it assumes hostnames in utmp entries are
-unique in the last four characters.  Rectify this problem by hashing the
-entire hostname field from the utmp entry, so that we can tell unlike
-hostnames apart with much greater reliability.  There is still a
-possiblility of one hash collision in 2^32.  Apply patch by Maximiliano
-Curia and Damián Viano, using a public-domain hash algorithm by Bob
-Jenkins.  Thanks also to Margarita Manterola for helping to steer this
-ship into port.  (Closes: #229785)
-    1519
-Fix problem with numbers and symbols being un-typable in the Lithuanian
-keymap (patch by Mantas Kriaučiūnas via Vytautas Lukenskas).
-(Closes: #247387)
-    1520
-Fix a few problems with the U.K. Macintosh keyboard layout:
-+ Map <TLDE> key to "section, plusminus".
-+ Map <LSGT> key to "quoteleft, asciitilde".
-+ Map AltGr+<AE02> to "EuroSign".
-+ Include group(switch) symbols so that the already-defined mapping
-  of AltGr+<AE03) to "numbersign" can be used.
-(Closes: #201737)
-    1524
-Implement XkbOption "compose:caps" (make the Caps Lock key a compose key,
-a.k.a. Multi_key), courtesy of Andrew Suffield.  (Closes: #251310)
-    1525, 1526
-Update Catalan debconf template translations (thanks, Ivan Vilata i
-Balaguer).  (Closes: #253484)
-    1529
 Apply patch by David S. Miller via Ben Collins to add RENDER and X
 Acceleration Architecture (XAA) support to the Sun FFB driver, and use FB
 framebuffer layer instead of MFB and CFB.  (Closes: #245246)

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