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ATI Radeon on Vaio Laptop

Hi everyone,
I already posted a (sort of) detailed explanation of my problem on other lists and newsgroups, but I got no reply, so I was wondering if the answer was up on the top of the matter; I'll put it simple: is it possible with XFree86 to have screen resolutions lower than 1024x768 on mobility radeons with XGA TFT 15' display? I mean, I tried with windoze and it actually worked, but the doubt whether this is a sort of hack not supported by XF86 or not came to my mind. I apologize in advance if it's a silly question, but, as I said before, posting XF86Config-4 abstracts or X server logs lead me to no answer, as well as searching on FAQs and forums. Of course I hope the answer is positive and we can discuss the issue more into details...


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