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Bug#201737: map LWIN to Mode_switch

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 09:33:37AM +0200, Sebastian Henschel wrote:
> * Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> [2004-06-02 09:02 +0200]:
> > Well, that's the downside to this solution.  You have to know by
> > convention or by reading XKB configuration, as Macintosh keyboards are
> > not engraved with any such keycap.
> so you do not know either? playing around, i found out that fn+alt seems
> to be RALT. note that it is important to hit fn first.

Ah; I didn't know that.

> though i personally do not like it that much this way. this might not be
> part of your responsibilities, but the default configuration of the
> keyboard is to use alt+fn to use the F-keys, where it is important to hit
> alt first. this is a tad irritating.

Fn+<key> is implemented in hardware; there is no way to change it or
disable it that I know of.

A good way to find out what's done in hardware is to use the "xev" X
client (from xbase-clients) or the "showkey" command at the Linux
virtual console.

> anyway, your british keymap works when you know which RALT is. thank you
> very much. :)

Glad to hear it!

> > You're looking for a file called "group", with a section "switch", as
> > pasted above.
> okay, found it.


Thanks for your help figuring out what's going on with UK Macintosh
keyboards.  :)

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