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Updating Debian X FAQ to mention X.Org/X11R6.7 plans

The Debian X FAQ is conspicuously silent about the whole X licensing
issue.  It does mention X.Org but its commentary dates from 1999,
saying that X.Org supervised the X11R6.5.1 release.  The FAQ also
says the XFree86 Project "release their X servers under licensing
terms identical to that of the freely available X sources".  It
concludes, "XFree86 is thus the superset of the X Window System that
is used by the Debian GNU/Linux system."

I presume from occasional comments on this list that the plan is
(someday soon) to switch everything over to base the Debian packages
on the X.Org releases.

If so, I merely suggest putting a sentence or paragraph about those
plans in the FAQ, and removing the no longer accurate comments about

If not, I'm merely confused -- and perhaps the FAQ should say
something rather than nothing.


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