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Bug#251037: Strange xdmcp behavior, maybe a trojan horse?

On Fri, May 28, 2004 at 04:11:27PM +0200, Bartłomiej Ochman wrote:
> >Forgive my ignorance, but what is a "broadcast domain"?
> "[...] A broadcast domain is the set of all devices that will receive 
> broadcast frames originating from any device within the set. Broadcast 
> domains are typically bounded by routers because routers do not forward 
> broadcast frames. [...]"

Okay.  The set of devices that hear you when you hit the network
segment's broadcast address.

When I hear "domain" in a networking context, I think "DNS".

> >That doesn't look like a "crash" to me.  It looks to me like you
> >launched a local X server, asking a remove XDM process to manage it, but
> >the remote XDM rejected your connection, so the X server exited.
> Yes, but both my Xserver and xdm process runs at an other ip than reported.
> [...]
> >You confuse me further.  Why is an X server on your local machine trying
> >to connect via XDMCP to a remote machine, if you're not the person
> >instructing it to do so?
> >
> >Do you have a guest on your machine?
> That confused me either! %-) I started Xserver at, say, and 
> asked it to connect to xdm process at, say, and out of 
> sudden, it reported an error saying, it cannot use display at 
> >I don't know where the "Connection" IP addresses come from.
> I didn't know either, but I've discovered it later, they were assigned 
> to lo:1...lo:5 interfaces. But why the hell it's sending its loopbacks 
> as address it's listening for a remote connection??

That's probably a bug.  It may have something to do with:


*That* bug has been open for over 8 years. :(

> >Did you know that Debian X servers have TCP listening disabled by
> >default as a security measure?
> Sure, but it's not the case.


> >[1] http://bugs.debian.org/250919
> I'm writing this from not-so-clean testing with kde started by kdm, with 
> custom compiled 2.6.5 kernel with grsec patch applied. It works without 
> any problems.
> Anyway, now I can connect to a remote xdm, even outside a broadcast 
> domain, but only with default lo interface set to :-(

Hmmm.  I would not be surprised if that's the only scenario with which
xdm has been well-tested.  :(

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