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Bug#229785: Fwd: Re: Hash function

About the licence of the hash algorithm:

----- Forwarded message from Bob Jenkins <bob_jenkins@burtleburtle.net> -----

From: Bob Jenkins <bob_jenkins@burtleburtle.net>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 22:33:06 -0700
To: Margarita Manterola <marga@marga.com.ar>
Subject: Re: Hash function

Margarita Manterola wrote:
>Sorry to bother you, I hope you still have this email.
>I'm wishing to use or hash() algorithm, from the lookup2.c in a piece of
>XFree86 code. In order to be able to do this legally and properly, the
>code needs to be licenced with some specific licence :|...  Stating that
>it is free seems not to be enough. :|
>Could you state that the code is covered under the GPL, or BSD Licences,
>or some other licence you like, but that is written somewhere, pretty
>pretty please?
>Thanks for the great algorithm and for making it free.
>Margarita Manterola.

The algorithm is public domain.  I ask that I be referenced as the 
source of the algorithm, but I can't enforce that, since being public 
domain means I've reserved no rights at all.

----- End forwarded message -----

So, is public domain enough?  I know the text does not state it's public
domain, but the author is stating it here...

Besos,          ,''`.
       Marga   : :' :
               `. `' 

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