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Bug#236197: Adding to the information available

On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 09:36:46PM +0100, Tony Whitmore wrote:
> Just to say that I experienced this problem with my Radeon 7500 DVI/CRT 
> dual head card. I rebooted my box last weekend after 115 days uptime - 
> during which X was upgraded. After reboot, instead of producing a 
> separate display on each monitor, the same display was duplicated on 
> both. I had made no other changes to the configuration files for X in 
> the meantime.
> Adding the 'Option "MonitorLayout" "CRT,CRT"' string to both device 
> sections as suggested worked, however, and I now have normal 
> functionality restored.

I'm afraid I don't know enough about the Radeon driver to say whether
this is a driver bug or not.  Is the card being diddled in a way the
driver cannot detect or work around?

Michel, maybe you know?

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