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Bug#251088: xdm: remove pam_setcred() call from session.c so libpam-heimdal will work with xdm

tag 251088 + moreinfo upstream

On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 07:16:01PM -0400, coldwell@physics.harvard.edu wrote:
> I've actually been working on patches to both libpam-heimdal and xdm.


> In xdm, I simply replace the second call to pam_setcred (the one in
> xc/programs/xdm/session.c) with pam_open_session.


> In libpam-heimdal, I replace the existing open_session/close_session
> no-op functions with functions that setup and destroy the credentials
> cache.


> If I get this working, I would be happy to submit the patches for
> review/inclusion.

Excellent.  I have just asked the BTS to change the recorded submitter of
#251088, so in 15 minutes or so you should be recorded as its submitter.

You can then contact me and the rest of the debian-x mailing list about
this issue by mailing 251088@bugs.debian.org, and we can reach you by
mailing 251088-submitter@bugs.debian.org.  That will ensure all relevant
discussion gets logged to the bug.

I'm tagging this bug "moreinfo" until you get a chance to tell us how
your experiments go.

I guess we'll need to coordinate application of this fix with the
heimdal maintainer?

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