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Re: Bug#250998: rxvt-unicode: should call -ls in the menu entry

severity 250998 wishlist

#include <hallo.h>
* Martin-Ãric Racine [Wed, May 26 2004, 11:52:10AM]:

> It would be desirable for the menu entry to call -ls (login shell) to
> ensure that all user-defined shell preferences will be loaded upon
> launching rxvt.  
> The same applies to the non-XFT entry.

Interesting. I am not convinced that we should do so (because many
people put stuff into ~/.bash_profile and expect it not to be executed
often, or executed only for console shells).

How do other maintainers handle this? aterm, rxvt, xterm do not use it,
and I would like to know whether we have some kind of convention.


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