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[Fwd: 4.3 strongly desired wishlist item (XAA fix)]

Did this make it into Debian's 4.3 packages?


Thomas Winischhofer
thomas AT winischhofer DOT net	       *** http://www.winischhofer.net
twini AT xfree86 DOT org
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2 weeks ago a fix for the pixmap cache was committed to CVS HEAD, with the following short description:

376. Fix an XAA pixmap cache server crash that can happen in some cases
      when the off-screen memory is heavily fragmented (David Dawes,
      based on #5752, Koike Kazuhiko, Chisato Yamauchi).

Summarized explanation: In some sitations, if memory is fragemented in a certain way (not neccessarily "heavily"), it can happen that the pixmap cache reserves a number of 512x512 slots, no 256x256 slots, and a few 128x128 slots. The cache functions cannot deal with this, and send a null pointer to XAATileCache(), causing calls to driver accelerator functions with illegal coordinates. In most of the cases, this leads to a complete machine freeze.

Since I experienced this crash frequently lately (due to implementation of RENDER acceleration into the SiS driver), I would kindly ask the folks packaging XFree86 for Debian to include the attached short patch.



Thomas Winischhofer
thomas AT winischhofer DOT net          http://www.winischhofer.net/
twini AT xfree86 DOT org

diff -I.*$XFree86.*$ -I.*$Id.*$ -I.*$XConsortium.*$ -I.*$Xorg.*$ -U1 -r1.30 -r1.31
--- programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/xaa/xaaPCache.c	25 Sep 2000 23:56:14 -0000	1.30
+++ programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/xaa/xaaPCache.c	16 Aug 2003 01:11:40 -0000	1.31
@@ -765,2 +765,3 @@
 	3) Don't make more than MAX_512.
+	4) Don't have any of there are no 256x256s.
@@ -787,2 +788,9 @@
     if(Target256 < 4) Target256 = 0;
+    if(Num512 && Num256 < 4) {
+	while(Num512 && Num256 < Target256) {
+	   SubdivideList(&List512, &List256);
+	   Num256 += 4; Num512--;
+	}
+    }

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