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Bug#250617: xbase-clients: [xbiff] wishlist: beep mute

Package: xbase-clients
Version: 4.3.0-7
Severity: wishlist

I wish to be able to turn the xbiff beep off on one of my machines
(without disabling the speaker entirely), and just let xbiff invert
the bitmap colour when mail is received. 

Xbiff has a volume setting that doesn't work for i386 (beep never
seems to have had a working volume control on any machines I use), so
I can't just set the volume to 0%. Perhaps there should be an option
to xbiff to not try to beep the speaker at all.

-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (500, 'unstable'), (500, 'testing'), (1, 'experimental')
Architecture: i386 (i686)
Kernel: Linux 2.4.25-pre7
Locale: LANG=en_AU, LC_CTYPE=en_AU

Versions of packages xbase-clients depends on:
ii  cpp                         4:3.3.3-2    The GNU C preprocessor (cpp)
ii  libc6                       2.3.2.ds1-11 GNU C Library: Shared libraries an
ii  libdps1                     4.3.0-7      Display PostScript (DPS) client li
ii  libexpat1                   1.95.6-8     XML parsing C library - runtime li
ii  libfontconfig1              2.2.2-2      generic font configuration library
ii  libfreetype6                2.1.7-2      FreeType 2 font engine, shared lib
ii  libice6                     4.3.0-7      Inter-Client Exchange library
ii  libncurses5                 5.4-3        Shared libraries for terminal hand
ii  libpng12-0            PNG library - runtime
ii  libsm6                      4.3.0-7      X Window System Session Management
ii  libstdc++5                  1:3.3.3-6    The GNU Standard C++ Library v3
ii  libxaw7                     4.3.0-7      X Athena widget set library
ii  libxcursor1                 1.0.2-5      X Cursor management library
ii  libxext6                    4.3.0-7      X Window System miscellaneous exte
ii  libxft2                     2.1.2-6      FreeType-based font drawing librar
ii  libxi6                      4.3.0-7      X Window System Input extension li
ii  libxmu6                     4.3.0-7      X Window System miscellaneous util
ii  libxmuu1                    4.3.0-7      lightweight X Window System miscel
ii  libxpm4                     4.3.0-7      X pixmap library
ii  libxrandr2                  4.3.0-7      X Window System Resize, Rotate and
ii  libxrender1                 0.8.3-7      X Rendering Extension client libra
ii  libxt6                      4.3.0-7      X Toolkit Intrinsics
ii  libxtrap6                   4.3.0-7      X Window System protocol-trapping 
ii  libxtst6                    4.3.0-7      X Window System event recording an
ii  libxv1                      4.3.0-7      X Window System video extension li
ii  xlibmesa-gl [libgl1]        4.3.0-7      Mesa 3D graphics library [XFree86]
ii  xlibmesa-glu [libglu1]      4.3.0-7      Mesa OpenGL utility library [XFree
ii  xlibs                       4.3.0-7      X Window System client libraries m
ii  xlibs-data                  4.3.0-7      X Window System client data
ii  zlib1g                      1:1.2.1-5    compression library - runtime

-- no debconf information

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