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X Strike Force XFree86 SVN property change: propchange - r1400 svn:log

Author: branden
Revision: 1400
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:
Grab latest version of XTerm from Thomas Dickey's website.  Revert
inconsequential changes merged from XFree86 CVS after 2004-02-13 that
could conceivably be under the XFree86 1.1 license's terms.
+ When deriving bold fontname from normal fontname, use the normal font's
  average width to avoid for example selecting 7x13bold from an 8x13
  normal font.  (Closes: #107769)
+ Modify xtermAddInput() to use the complete set of default keyboard
  translations so that one can use shifted pageup, wheel mouse, etc.,
  while the mouse pointer is over the scrollbar.  (Closes: #178812)
+ Improve description of utf8 resource in manpage.  (Closes: #179407)
+ Correct comment in terminfo file regarding modifier used for kDC.
  (Closes: #189764)
+ Correct typo in example for character classes in xterm manpage.
  (Closes: #198910)
+ Add translation to ASCII of commonly-used characters that groff
  translates to Unicode, when the font in use does not provide the
  corresponding glyphs.  (Closes: #219551)
+ Add a limit check to ScrnTstWrapped() (XFree86 Bugzilla #981).
  (Closes: #222530)
+ Modify uxterm script to interpret help and version options so xterm does
  not always create a window when the user requests this information.
  (Closes: #223926)
+ Modify initialization of terminal colors, e.g., mouse pointer and text
  cursor, to treat XtDefaultForeground and XtDefaultBackground values as
  the actual foreground and background colors of the terminal rather than
  white and black.  (Closes: #241717)

Stop using an Xaw7 gradient for the backgrounds of the xterm menus; it
produces an unappealing effect if the menus are configured to use a larger
font than the stock configuration (also, xterm has added items to some
menus since I last calculated the gradient size and I can't be bothered to
do it again).

If the X server is capable of color and has more than 8 planes of color
depth available, set the menu colors to gray15 on antique white, and
customize the appearance VT widget's scrollbar.  Otherwise, do not eat up
precious entries in the color palette.

Define the "xterm-debian" terminal type in the termcap and terminfo files
as an alias for "xterm-new" instead of "xterm-xfree86", reflecting upstream

Update references to Debian Policy Manual to cite the correct section for
backspace key handling.

Ship the new README.i18n document in /usr/share/doc/xterm.

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