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Bug#230204: some keys on Logitech Cordless MX not recognized

Branden Robinson wrote
> I haven't seen any other reports of this bug not actually being
> resolved.
> Had you restarted the X server after upgrading?  If an older version of
> the X server was still running, it would likely continue to have behaved
> incorrectly.

Yes, I've already restarted X several (many) times since the last time I 
upgraded it. But there is still this bug. I upgraded several time my kernel 
too : now I use 2.6.6 (mainline), but still this bug.
I use a debian sid up-to-date (upgraded a few hours ago).
In fact, this bug is really old, maybe I'm just a bit more obstinate than 
other people, I don't know.
Nevertheless maybe something is new : I don't get this error anymore when X 
starts like it does before. Now I only get it when I press an unknow key.
Let me know if I can give you more information.

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