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Bug#240656: xserver-xfree86: 5 second lock when switching from console to X with XFree 4.3

On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 08:39:03PM +0200, Chipzz wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Apr 2004, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > > device=/dev/psaux
> > > responsiveness=
> > > repeat_type=raw
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > > type=imps2
> > > append=""
> > > sample_rate=
> >
> > I see you're repeating as "imps2".  The following item was recently
> Well, actually as "raw", which would amount to imps2.

Yes; sorry I was unclear about that.

> > added to the xfree86 package NEWS.Debian file, and will appear in the
> > next release.  Can you please try out its advice?
> Hmm, strange, I have apt-listchanges installed and never saw the notice.
> Maybe I just looked over it.

I've been updating the NEWS.Debian entry for 4.3.0-1 retroactively,
since that's the first version where the relevant changes took effect.

> >   * GPM users only: those who use the the GPM repeater as the XFree86 X
> >     server's mouse device should note that the mouse driver in XFree86 4.3.0
> >     has been rewritten in such a way that using any protocol other than
> >     "IntelliMouse" on the XFree86 side and "ms3" on the GPM side does not work
> >     well.  If you have configured GPM as a repeater, are using it with the
> >     XFree86 X server, and are using anything other than "ms3" as the repeating
> >     protocol, you will likely want to change it to "ms3".  If your
> >     XF86Config-4 file is automatically handled (see the news entry for xfree86
> >     4.2.1-11) and uses /dev/gpmdata as the port for the configured mouse, the
> >     protocol will automatically be migrated to "IntelliMouse" if necessary.
> >     Otherwise, you will likely want to edit the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file
> >     after installing this package to change any configured input devices using
> >     the "mouse" driver and "/dev/gpmdata" as the "Device" option to set the
> >     "Protocol" option to "IntelliMouse".
> >
> > If you go back to using /dev/gpmdata for your XFree86 input device, but
> > have GPM repeat as "ms3" instead of "imps2", does the situation improve?
> That worked. Maybe this should be better documented, as in the past I
> tried various combinations and my previous configuration was the only
> one that worked.

What documentation do you recommend, beyond NEWS.Debian?

> But still, I think the change is somewhat incorrect. A setting you expli-
> citly specify gets overridden by X without any notice.

Eh?  Which setting you explicitly specify gets overridden by X how?

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