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X Strike Force XFree86 SVN commit: r1420 - /

Author: branden
Date: 2004-05-20 03:17:37 -0500 (Thu, 20 May 2004)
New Revision: 1420

Add item announcing unplanned downtime and warning of Subversion security

Modified: NEWS.xhtml
--- NEWS.xhtml	2004-05-18 15:58:32 UTC (rev 1419)
+++ NEWS.xhtml	2004-05-20 08:17:37 UTC (rev 1420)
@@ -80,6 +80,14 @@
     <h2 id="news">News and announcements</h2>
+    <p>[20 May] <strong>The X Strike Force Subversion repository experienced some brief downtime and has been upgraded
+    to Subversion 1.0.3, a security release.</strong>  Client/server compatibility is not affected, so people using
+    earlier versions of Subversion to connect to the repository should experience no problems, but I strongly urge
+    fellow SVN repository administrators to restrict access to their SVN repositories until they can install the fix.
+    Information about the <a href="http://security.e-matters.de/advisories/082004.html";>vulnerability</a> is available,
+    and updated packages are entering <a href="http://incoming.debian.org/";><code>incoming.debian.org</code></a> as I
+    write this.  <address>branden</address></p>
     <p>[3 May] <strong>A "sanitized" checkout of XFree86 CVS HEAD as of 2004-02-12, with the files affected by the X-Oz
     commit of 2003-10-08 deleted and dialed back to the safe revisions as necessary, has been prepared, and is available
     for <a href="/xsf/XFree86/xfree86-CVS-pre-4.4.0-RC3-new-license-sanitized">browsing</a> or <a

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