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Start preparing xfree86 4.3.0.dfsg.1-2

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Hi all,
	a few hours ago 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 has been uploaded and it will hit
the mirrors within tomorrow.

It is already time to start working on the next release.

So far Branden has already commited to trunk a fix for #242485 and it is
perfectly fine with me.

>From the TODO list, I think we should proceed in the following order of

- ---> subliminal message: fix whatever I broke with 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 <---

* #240889: add AMD64 support
patch seems ok.

* #240581: xserver-xfree86: [ati/radeon] support "ForceMinDotClock" option
patch is already upstream.

* #245044: xdm: cannot resolve hostnames from Xaccess Indirect lines.
url to the fix is in the BTS.

* Apply Adam Conrad's VIA driver patch (on debian-x).
patch doesn't look extremely intrusive (since it stores almost everything
in via/).

* Grab SiS driver from HEAD per Thomas Winischhofer.

* steal {U,}XTerm* app-defaults updates from HEAD and resync patches

* move patch in 009_use_xf86config-4_in_xf86config.diff to

* 006_dont_ref_rman.man.diff: different fix exists upstream; steal it from HEAD

* 013_xkb_symbols_euro_support.diff: different fix exists upstream; steal it
  from HEAD

* Fix upstream install rule that prevents Xcursor themes from being
  installed on s390.  As I understand it, this is client-side stuff and
  there's not really any reason it shouldn't be made available on the s390

* Fix other gratuitous differences between s390 debehlper files and the
  generic ones by fixing upstream Imakeage to not turn extra stuff off when
  the XFree86 X server is not being built (like xmodmap.std).  It ships
  libXxf86vm.a but not the corresponding manpages.

* more cosmetic/lintian cleanup if there will be time for it.

For this release, other than the 4 bug fixes, we will work mainly on
resync and cleanup. If -1 and -2 will not show big problems we might want
to consider slightly bigger changes for -3, like the rewrite
xserver-xfree86 debconfage. Time will tell.

Again as -1 this release will have only one major/risky change applying
the via patch from Adam Conrad.

Without repeating Branden and myself on each entry, be sure that licences
are ok when pulling stuff from cvs HEAD.


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