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Bug#179407: xterm: not only bold fonts do not work with widechars

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Thomas Dickey wrote:

> It really sounds as if you are running into more/less expected problems
> with applications (not particularly xterm) that do not work with UTF-8.
Sure - as I said my belover MC is one of them.  BUt I wanted to give
the transition a start, once Debian changelogs start loocking fancy on
my side because of UTF-8 codings.

> For instance, I see that the Debian package for mc is built using the
> internal version of slang (and to satisfy some issue with gpm, also
> ncurses - which can be confusing).
Yes.  Also manpages loocked strange but I suspected that it is connected
to the xterm problems, but I'm not sure.

> While there is an unofficial patch for slang to handle UTF-8, I'm told
> that it is incomplete and not very robust.  Without that patch, slang
> can handle only 8-bit encodings (such as the ISO-8859-1 to ISO-8859-15).
> In UTF-8, the characters in the range 160-255 are not sent as a single
> byte but as two or more.  If the application does not know how to do
> this, the terminal running in UTF-8 mode is likely to treat those as
> incomplete sequences and doesn't show the characters that were intended.
Well I just regard my first attempt to switch to UTF-8 as failed and
went back to my normal work, waiting for further enhancements.  On the
other hand I think we should clarify why the resource setting of

    *utf8: 2

differs from -u8 command line option.  If I understand the manual right
this should not be the case.

Kind regards


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