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Bug#245044: xdm can't resolve hostnames from Xaccess Indirect lines; upstream fix available

Package: xdm
Version: 4.3.0-7
Severity: important


xdm from unstable (version 4.3.0-7) has a bug that prevents hostnames
in Xaccess Indirect entries to be resolved correctly. The reason is that
the result from gethostbyname() is dereferenced incorectly. The Bug has
already been fixed upstream. Thus, a possible patch can be found in the
xfree86 CVS:


(This might still have a possible buffer overflow if gethostbyname
returns an IPv6 address ... ;-(

To reproduce the bug, enter something like the following into Xacces:

--- cut ---
* CHOOSER some.other.host
--- cut ---

and watch chooser's arguments using ps. The last argument should be
some.other.host's IP.


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