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Bug#238100: XVideo workaround for SDL apps

Branden Robinson wrote:
On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 02:31:37AM +0200, Thomas Winischhofer wrote:

1280x1024 at 24bpp needs 3,932,160 bytes of video RAM just for the visible screen. There is only 4032K available as the log clearly shows.

Do the math yourself.

I, for one, am not surprised.

Hi Thomas,

If you meant to reach the bug submitter, you need to use the address:


Yes, I saw my mistake the second I had clicked "send".

Anyway, here's another point: Xv was not supported *at all* on the 6326 with 4.2. Hence, video applications were using another method (probably xshm) by default.

I added Xv support for the 5597/5598/6326/530/620 in September 2002, so it wasn't there before 4.3. (For a detailed changelog, see http://www.winischhofer.net/sis630old.shtml)

Now, with 4.3, applications are using Xv, which takes extra memory for the video frame - which simply isn't available.

Option "NoXvideo" should restore the old behavior.

This is 2004. Video applications not having any fallback algorithm in case of a failure with one of the methods are a shame at least.


Thomas Winischhofer
thomas AT winischhofer DOT net          http://www.winischhofer.net/
twini AT xfree86 DOT org

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