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X Strike Force XFree86 SVN property change: propchange - r1232 svn:log

Author: branden
Revision: 1232
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:
Improve xfs package's maintainer scripts:
+ Always start the daemon on package install (as opposed to upgrade).
  (Closes: #241539)
+ Replace xfs "upgrade" flag file with two distinct ones, "install" and
  "daemon-not-stopped".  Create install flag file when preinst script is
  invoked with "install" argument; remove in postinst, and in postrm when
  invoked with "abort-install" or "abort-upgrade" argument.  Create
  "daemon-not-stopped" flag file in prerm script if the daemon is not
  stopped with invoke-rc.d; remove in postinst, and in postrm when invoked
  with "abort-upgrade" argument.
+ Duplicate the postinst's daemon logic in the postrm when invoked with
  the "abort-upgrade" argument; this way the daemon is restarted if it was
  stopped for upgrade, but the upgrade failed.
+ Pass package name literally to update-rc.d and invoke-rc.d; quiets
  lintian warning.
+ Use shell's && and || operators instead of test(1)'s -a and -o operators,
  since the former is POSIX-compliant and the latter is not.
+ Wrap lines at 80 columns.
+ Improve comments.
+ Update Vim modelines.
+ Add SVN Id keyword and set corresponding property.

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