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Bug#240656: Additions to the Bug report

I´m running into the same problems here. I´ve installed a fresh Sarge with XFree86 v4.3.0 and switching between X and the console takes up to five or six seconds. While the switch is "on the run" no keyboard input is possible. The PC is equipped with an NoName Radeon 700 AGP-Card. The normal ati-Driver is used (Not the driver from ati.com!). I could post Logs ans configurations as required.

On a second PC which has an ELSA GeForce2 Card the problem isn´t occuring. Switching from X to the console takes only one or two seconds.

The PC is installed with an not up-to-date Sarge (because it is only connected via ISDN :-( ) and the old experimental XFree86 debs from Danie Stone (4.3.0-0ds4v2ml1). I´m using the Nvidia-Drivers v4496 (which where installed via nvidia-kernel-src Package) there.



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