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Re: XFree86 4.3.0 and testing (was: when will the release release)

On Sun, 4 Apr 2004, Keith Packard wrote:

> Around 14 o'clock on Apr 4, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> > That's why I stressed the testing information and added an example. Forget
> > a machine park of that size. simply impossible to handle.
> Impossible for Debian to manage, but not impossible for the entire
> community, especially if you include hardware vendors.

Of course.

> As I said, ATI has every intention of actually constructing a sufficient
> "machine park" to test their hardware running Linux.

Do we have any contanct with them? would it be wise to ask the status of
their project and perhaps start to work a bit closer? If so do you have
any contact or can you take care of it? It would be very nice if we could
somehow "be the first" to work in strict cooperation with them.

> Making it possible for those vendors to test just their drivers without
> also needing to test the rest of the system is critical to the viability
> of this kind of project though.

Do you have any suggestion on how we could simply this process? Like for
eg. sending them some sort of pre-release that they can test...


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