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Re: xdm strange behaviour

harald@a-little-linux-box.at wrote:
> I have noticed a strange behaviour of your 4.3.0-2 version of xdm:
> tcp        0      0 *           LISTEN  7319/xdm            
> As far as I suspect (after reading man xdm) I suspect that the xdm
> chooser was activated but I do not think that I did it as I did not
> change my config...
> This behaviour occurred on three machines, two were downgraded, the last
> remains in this state
> Do you see anything which is not correct in here? Have I made a mistake
> or is this really a bug?
> Hope I did not waste your time

I also have this port open:
tcp        0      0 *               LISTEN     2179/xdm            

Did you found why this port is open?

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