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Bug#236373: [xscreensaver] screensaver 'kumppa' locks computer

I can also confirm this on my system (Dell GX240, ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra
TF).  It behaves identically to the report in the XFree86 bug DB as
well: the X server locks with 99% of the CPU, no mouse/keyboard; killing
the X server works, but if you restart it it goes right back to 99%.
The only way out is to reboot.

I see this bug was reported 10 months ago with little activity (it's
still "NEW") even though it seems pretty reproducible and is marked as
critical severity and P2.  The last note on the bug was even 4 months

So, since the future looks kind of bleak on this bug should I switch
back to the 4.2 server?  I can't afford to reboot my system once or
twice a day due to hard lockups!

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