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X Strike Force XFree86 SVN commit: r1157 - /

Author: branden
Date: 2004-03-17 04:04:22 -0500 (Wed, 17 Mar 2004)
New Revision: 1157

Update and expand description of repository structure, particularly
including the new "release branch" approach as applied to unstable.

Modified: README
--- README	2004-03-17 09:03:25 UTC (rev 1156)
+++ README	2004-03-17 09:04:22 UTC (rev 1157)
@@ -151,26 +151,37 @@
 Understanding the repository's directory structure
-The "trunk" is destined to be the next Debian unstable release.  It's where the
-cutting-edge but non-disruptive work takes place.
+The "trunk" is a testing ground for changes expected to be in the next Debian
+unstable release.  It's where the cutting-edge but non-disruptive work takes
+place.  The trunk per se is never "released" -- that's the function of a
+release branch, below.
-The "branches" are for upstream versions, further subdivided corresponding
-to various releases of Debian, e.g., "woody" or "sarge".  Branches can also
-be created for cutting-edge, experimental work by teams of people.
+The "branches" directory serves two purposes: first, it houses release branches
+from which official Debian package releases are made.  Secondly, branches are
+used for cutting-edge, experimental work by teams of people.
+The "branches" are named according to their corresponding upstream version, and
+further subdivided corresponding to various releases of Debian, e.g., "woody" or
+"sarge".  When a change has been sufficiently tested, it is merged onto one or
+more of the appropriate branches.  Most changes will merged only onto
+branches/4.3.0/sid, but changes like security fixes may be merged to many
-The "tags" correspond to specific package releases actually made.
+The "tags" correspond to specific package releases actually made.  Tags should
+be made only from a release branch, not from the trunk.
 The "people" directories are project areas for the XFree86 Debian packaging
 team.  They can be used for cutting-edge, experimental work by specific
+individuals.  A committer's people/ directory can be subdivided and organized
+however he or she likes.

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