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Re: Keyboard error ('<' key stops working) after dist-upgrade, possible XFree86 issue

Sebastian <scut@nb.in-berlin.de> wrote:
> After dist-upgrading a Debian/sid three weeks ago, on a IBM Thinkpad R40,
> the '<' key stopped working, as if it is a dead key. All other keys,
> including my German umlaut setup work. Also, on the console, the '<' key
> continues to work. Besides Eterm I also tested xterm, with all the same
> dead-key behaviour, so it seems to be an Xfree issue.

Try 'pc105' instead of 'pc104' or 'pc102' instead of 'pc101'. Does it help?

> I do not have the old .deb archives anymore, else I could selectively downgrade).

Try http://snapshot.debian.org/archive


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