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Bug#226973: xserver-xfree86: [glint] second card at wrong resolution

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 04:06:35PM -0500, Clint Adams wrote:
> > Yep. It probably doesn't happen on x86, since the int10 stuff
> > initializes the card with the onboard bios. Using a x86 emulator in X to
> > run this bios might be a solution.
> According to Tech-Source, this card has no VGA bios..

Ok. An OF driver then ?

> > Ho. definitively some registers who are bad. It has been a long time
> > since i have looked at the pm2 specs (kind of 98ish i think) though.
> > Maybe you could get hand of the free TI-pm2 specs and look for yourself ?
> I've been looking and not finding anything.

you did not find the specs, or you didn't find anything ? 

> > You would dump all the possible registers, and see which one is
> > different. Enabling debugging in the glint driver would also do. You can
> > safely run no-accel on these for the tests, as this is definitively not
> > an accel issue, but a video out/ramdac one.
> Attached is the XFree86.0.log from xserver-xfree86-dbg.  I'll start it
> again with noaccel.  The only thing I notice is that it thinks the
> second card only has 4 megs of video ram.

Nope, this is not the right way, you have to rebuild the driver and add
some code to drop the content of the registers somewhere.

I don't have time right now, maybe later i will find time to send you a
register dropping patch or something.


Sven Luther

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