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Bug#121900: xlibs: glibc locales not listed in X's locale.alias

On 2003.11.14 06:47, Branden Robinson wrote:
On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 12:08:57PM +0000, dbugs@pelvoux.nildram.co.uk

> It looks as if many of the locales in the original list
> submitted for this bug are not supported by the X libraries.

Can you elaborate on this statement, please?

I am taking the locale.dir file (as opposed to locale.alias) as the definitive list of locales supported by the X libraries with the
name of the locale as it would appear in LANG etc. on the right.

For each C library locale, if I can't find an entry in locale.dir or in locale.alias I apply some transformations to coerce the character set name into the format used in locale.dir and locale.alias. If I still can't find an entry in locale.dir I assume it isn't supported, while if I can find an entry in locale.dir I generate an alias line to add to locale.alias to map it correctly.

I'd like to include this in the debian/scripts directory of the
xfree86 source package, but before I can do that we need to sort out its copyright. If the script is your work (and/or you're in touch with those whose work it [also] is) and you're willing to license it under DFSG-compatible terms, please let me know.

The script is my work and you may release it under the GPL.


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