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Bug#220469: xserver-xfree86: dpkg-reconfigure should create the config file if it doesn't exist

Hi Branden

> > But if the config file doesn't exist dpkg-reconfigure should create
> > a new one instead of refusing to write it:
> Why?  dpkg works the same way.  If you delete a conffile it will respect
> your (apparent) wishes.

Ooops, that's new to me. If I change a config file I would expect dpkg
to protect it, ok. But removing a config file and reconfiguring the
package means give me a new one for me.
I just have checked a few packages, which I remember asking for
configuration during installation. Selection is probably not
representative. I have moved away the config file and have
reconfigured each package after this:

ntpdate: config file will be recreated, previous configured
         values appears as defaults for config questions
gpm:     config file will be recreated,
         but old configuration values get lost
	 (probably not handled by debconf?)
exim:    config file will be recreated,
         old configuration values also get lost

Opinions seem to vary, even between Debian maintainers ;-).

> If you are playing around with different options or even different
> graphic cards and want to start from scratch with a new config file,
> save the pre-created one in a safe location, and move it back when
> you're done.

Yes, of course I can do this. But first it doesn't make much sense to
save a configuration which is already stored by debconf and second I
mostly forget to save the file before changing it :-).

It only was an idea to make life easier. Treat it as a wish as you
already have done. There are much more important things to do like
porting version 4.4 of XFree86 ;-).



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