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Re: i830 problems on XFree 4.3

Later this evening I found some more problems with my xfree86

1. Hardware cursor is not working displaying some garbage instead of
cursor image. SW cursor work fine, but I'm afraid hw cursor doesn't
work because of memory problems discussed later.

2. If I try to use more than 8192 kb of memory X server crashes
successfully after a few minutes of operation.

3. Even when using 8192 or 4096 kb of memory 'x11perf -all' crashes X
server within a minute.

Seems like all the crashes are caused by the same problem. An error
leading to server crash looks the same in all cases. An example
XFree86.0.log (gzipped) is attached. XF86Config-4 is attached as well.

P.S. I've heard some rumors synaptic touchpad should've been supported
since 4.3.0-0pre1v3. As far as I understand it didn't happen. Will it
happen in the upcoming releases or the idea has been dropped

Alexander Barinov
Project Manager
Banking Technologies Center, Diasoft

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