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Bug#217505: xdm creates x-n file in /home

retitle 217505 xdm: creates $HOME/x-n file
tag 217505 + moreinfo

On Sat, Oct 25, 2003 at 12:02:14PM +0200, Fekete Gabor wrote:
> Package: xdm
> Version: 4.2.1-12.1
> XDM creates a file named x-n in /home. I don't
> know if it's a bug but I did not find any doc
> that mentioned it. And it's really annoying.
> The x in the name might be the user name.
> I'm running Debian Sid.

Can you please stop your running xdm daemon ("invoke-rc.d xdm stop") and
mail this bug the output of the following command?:

# xdm -nodaemon -debug 1 > /tmp/xdm.debug 2>&1

(Use whatever filename you like instead of /tmp/xdm.debug.)

Also, do you mean that, given a user named "foobar":
1) a file named /home/foobar-n is created
2) a file named /home/foobar/x-n is created
3) a file named /home/foobar/foobar-n is created

Or something else entirely?

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