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Re: mouse generates random events with xserver 4.2.1-13 and debian kernel-2.6.0-test9

Am Mo, den 10.11.2003 schrieb Daniel Stone um 03:45:
> On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 09:21:52PM +0100, Juergen Lueters wrote:
> > I run the following configuration:
> > Asus Board with via kt400  and athlon 2700+, 2GB RAM, Matrox G550
> > graphic card.
> I have a KT400 chipset, running a Radeon 9000.
> > With kernel 2.4.22 the mouse work flawless.
> > 
> > With kernel 2.6.0-test* the mouse generates ramdom events,
> > so windows and menus are popping up everywhere. That makes X usage under
> > kernel 2.6.0  unusable.
> > 
> > Has anybody else seen that problem?
> > 
> > Please cc me privat, as i am not on this list.
> Is your mouse USB or PS/2? If it's USB, comment out the mouse driver
> section that isn't using /dev/input/mice; if it's PS/2, comment out the
> mouse driver section that isn't using /dev/psaux (or /dev/misc/psaux).
> Cheers, and good luck!
> :) d

I got it working with a PS/2 mouse configuration. The mouse is directly
attached to the system now. 
I had a KVM Switch PS/2 Mouse Configuration before, both USB and PS/2
have been configured.

I hope I will get it back some day.

Daniel, thank you very much for your help.

Juergen Lueters <jlueters intranet-engineering de>

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