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4.3.0: "Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keymap"


After upgrading to 4.3.0-0pre1v4 from the latest 4.2.1 I have keyboard
problems: my shift, altgr and windoze keys don't work anymore.
/var/log/XFree86.0.log.old says:

	Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keymap

My /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 has:

	Section "InputDevice"
		Identifier	"Generic Keyboard"
		Driver		"keyboard"
		Option		"CoreKeyboard"
		Option		"XkbRules"	"xfree86"
		Option		"XkbModel"	"pc105"
		Option		"XkbLayout"	"fr"

As a temporary fix I loaded the
/usr/share/keymaps/i386/azerty/fr-x11.kmap.gz console keymap before
starting X and my shift key is back, but not altgr and windows keys.

This is with a Cherry AZERTY usb keyboard.

On an unrelated matter, on this Dell Precision 530 with a 2.4.22 kernel,
the ps/2 keyboard port no longer works if the kernel has SMP+bigmem

Any idea? Thanks in advance,

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