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Bug#202096: xfs: plan for running as non-root user and better FPE handling


Branden and I were talking the other day on IRC to get a consensus on
some issue from this mini-plan. Ishikawa, I'll like specially if you
could comment on this, if you don't like something we can keep

  username = xfontserver || xfntserv
  homedir = /var/run/$USERNAME
  logdir = /var/log
  logfile = $LOGDIR/$DAEMON_NAME.log

I'm preparing an ammendment for policy. Once we have nailed this details
down I'll send it to debian-policy and once aproved we can upload the
packages with the changes.


PS: I'm still confused on what's the correct way to call a Japanese
    person as I think you have the names swapped, sorry for that. ;>

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