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Re: 4.3.0-pre1v4 radeon driver wrongly detects two monitors

On Sat, 2003-11-01 at 04:03, Josh Metzler wrote: 
> I have a Radeon VE/7000 QY card with both DVI and VGA ports.  I have a single 
> 19 inch monitor, and it is connected to the VGA port.  When I upgraded to 
> XFree86 4.3.0-pre1v4 from 4.2.1-13, the X server would only start up in 
> 640x480 rather than 1600x1200.
> Looking through the log, I found that the driver was detecting two monitors.  
> Since I hadn't specified any information about a second monitor, it was using 
> the default hsync and vrefresh, which disallowed all modes higher than 
> 640x480.
> I solved the problem by specifying the Options  "CloneHSync" and 
> "CloneVRefresh" in the Device section to be the same as the hsync and 
> vrefresh of the monitor.  Now I get X at 1600x1200 again.  However, the 
> radeon driver should be able to detect that I only have one monitor.

The radeon driver used to rely on the BIOS for monitor detection, this
has been improved in CVS.

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