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Re: X Strike Force XFree86 SVN commit: rev 746 - in trunk/debian: . scripts

X Strike Force SVN Repository Admin <branden+svnadmin@deadbeast.net> writes:

> Log:
> Make x-window-system-dev installable on architectures that do not ship the
> offscreen Mesa libraries.  Use the same technique as is used for populating
> x-window-system-core's dependencies on a per-architecture basis: define an
> architecture-specific Make variable, then use its value for a dpkg
> substvar.

You know, dpkg-gencontrol (since 1.10.11) supports arch specifiers for
all dependency fields.

So instead of using substvars for the arch-dependant deps, you can just
do like this:

Depends: ..., xlibosmesa3-dbg [alpha i386 ia64 powerpc], ...

Of course, you need to add a versioned build-dep on dpkg-dev, making
backports more work.


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