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Bug#45291: TRAVEL NEWS>>Absolutely the best Vacation under the sun

TRAVEL NEWS>>Absolutely the best Vacation under the sun
You can go on a fabulous cruise where
all your meals and activities are included,
where your destination is the beautiful Nassau
Island in the Bahamas , a place that will take
your breath away. You'll stay 3 glorious days
in the sun in the Grand Bahama Island before
leaving on a romantic moonlit cruise back to Florida.

You'll then have 4 fun days to spend in magical Orlando,
the home of Universal Studios, an enchanted place you'll
also receive a 2, 2 day FREE pass's into. Plus
3 days and 2 nights in Ft Lauderdale Florida home of the worlds
most beautiful beaches  WOW! This Package is only $398 for up to 4 adults

Not a one...
Except space is limited and will be booked on
a first come first serve basis. The cruise lines and hotels do
not want any empty space. They would rather practically give the
rooms away in hopes that you'll spend time and money in the
or some of the many gift shops. Even if you don't know a travel date
now, you can book any time in the next 18 months with 60 days

They don't expect this drop in tourism to last forever so take
now while you can. At this price, you can take the kids or treat your
mom and dad or do a mother daughter thing or take a second
With the actual vacation costs so low, you'll be able to do the things
you've always wanted to on vacation. To learn more about this
making limited offer.

The information is free with no obligation.

Must be at least 23 years of age to participate!



Beatriz Hunter

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