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Bug#218630: "man xterm" tells me to look at the xterm man page

Package: xterm
Version: 4.2.1-13
Severity: minor

Running "man xterm" (with man-db 2.4.2-4) gets me what claims to be the
x-terminal-emulator(1) man page.  Now that this is uxterm(1), it sends me
to the xterm man page for more information.

$ PAGER='cat -s' man xterm
Reformatting x-terminal-emulator(1), please wait...
uxterm(1)                                                          uxterm(1)

       uxterm - terminal emulator for X, with Unicode support

       uxterm [ xterm-options ]

       uxterm is a wrapper around the xterm(1) program that invokes the latter
       program with the "UXTerm" X  resource  class  set.   All  arguments  to
       uxterm  are  passed  to  xterm  without  processing; the -class and -u8
       options should not be specified because they are used by  the  wrapper.
       See the xterm manual page for more information on xterm-options.


Debian GNU/Linux                  11 Sep 2001                        uxterm(1)

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