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Bug#208137: xlibs-data: Please also include UTF-8@euro

Package: xlibs-data
Severity: normal
Followup-For: Bug #208137


Please also make sure that all aliases below are defined:
  ca_ES.UTF-8@euro:     ca_ES.UTF-8
  de_AT.UTF-8@euro:     de_AT.UTF-8
  de_BE.UTF-8@euro:     de_BE.UTF-8
  de_DE.UTF-8@euro:     de_DE.UTF-8
  de_LU.UTF-8@euro:     de_LU.UTF-8
  en_IE.UTF-8@euro:     en_IE.UTF-8
  es_ES.UTF-8@euro:     es_ES.UTF-8
  eu_ES.UTF-8@euro:     eu_ES.UTF-8
  fi_FI.UTF-8@euro:     fi_FI.UTF-8
  fr_BE.UTF-8@euro:     fr_BE.UTF-8
  fr_FR.UTF-8@euro:     fr_FR.UTF-8
  fr_LU.UTF-8@euro:     fr_LU.UTF-8
  ga_IE.UTF-8@euro:     ga_IE.UTF-8
  gl_ES.UTF-8@euro:     gl_ES.UTF-8
  it_IT.UTF-8@euro:     it_IT.UTF-8
  nl_BE.UTF-8@euro:     nl_BE.UTF-8
  nl_NL.UTF-8@euro:     nl_NL.UTF-8
  pt_PT.UTF-8@euro:     pt_PT.UTF-8
  sv_FI.UTF-8@euro:     sv_FI.UTF-8

Those locales are defined in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED.
Quite strangely only some of them (fi_FI and pt_PT) were added by
Mike A. Harris (RedHat #67914), but not all valid UTF-8@euro glibc
locales.  If another upload for 4.2.1 is planned, please include
those aliases, many people seem interested in switching to UTF-8.


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