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Searching for powerpc 4.2.1 or 4.3 woody backported packages.


I am in search of woody powerpc backports of either 4.2.1 or 4.3.0
packages. Or a way to have a Radeon 9000 recognized and working with
4.1.0, which is feasible on x86 with ati's proprietary closed sources
drivers, but saddly not for powerpc.

Does someone know if such packages are already available, and if yes
where. I know there is someone working on woody ports of 4.3.0, but i
guess the effort is mainly concentrated on x86.

I tried building 4.3.0 from source in a woody chroot, but it needs
libxrender and co, which need a more recent libfreetype than what is in
woody, which in turn need 4.2.1, so i stopped this yesterday evening,
and will try again to rebuild the latest 4.2.1 instead.


Sven Luther

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