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Bug#207837: dutch po-debconf translation

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On 2003-08-31 01:38, Branden Robinson wrote:
> There continue to be problems with this file:
> 1) lines like this:
> " zijn indien deze verschillende X-servers beheren; om dit te bereiken
> dient u"" elke beeldscherm-beheerder in te stellen, en hun init-scripts in"
:O, forgot to save the corrected msgstr's, fixed now

> 2) Please don't use the term "X-Windows", even in translations:
> msgstr "Opdat het grafische systeem (X-Windows) juist zou functioneren
> dient"
Changed to X Window System

> 3) The line breaks are in weird places.  Most .po files do not change
>    the English parts of the message catalogs at all.
this, like 1), is an artifact of me converting the .po file from a 
each-msg-on-a-single-line to lines <80 using regexes (I didn't want to 
copy-paste all 153 messages), msgmerge doesn't notice any difference though, 
so it's purely cosmetic.

> Can you perhaps find out from other Debian l10n specialists what a good
> tool is?
heh, poedit was recommended to me by someone who has done a considerable 
amount of translation work (also judging from the fact that you're first 
person to complain this is rarely a problem). Anyhow I'll use kbabel in the 
future untill poedit gets fixed (a bugreport has been filed).

> I do appreciate your work on updating the template translations.  Thank
> you!
:), is this version alright, or am I still missing something?
- -- 
Cheers, cobaco

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