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update README for new dbs

This patch is meant to update the README to reflect the
usage of the dbs stuff.

diff -uNr debian.old/README debian/README
--- debian.old/README	2003-07-28 00:01:11.000000000 -0500
+++ debian/README	2003-07-28 03:46:54.000000000 -0500
@@ -18,21 +18,10 @@
*** "all", and you may need to add your architecture explicitly.

-  A chunk of makefile implementing Doogie's Build System (this is a pretty
-  old, prototypical version, but it works well enough for me).  You
-  shouldn't need to use this makefile directly; you can call the rules you
-  need from debian/rules.  The purpose of Doogie's Build System is to avoid
-  a difficult-to-manage Debian .diff.gz file by keeping our patches to the
-  upstream sources separate and applying them at package build time.  Here
-  are a couple of targets that I have found useful:
-	debian/rules source.unpack	Simply unpacks the source
-					archive(s); does not apply any
-					Debian patches.
-	debian/rules source.make	Unpacks the source archive(s) and
-					applies Debian patches.
-	debian/rules checksource	Unpacks the source archive(s),
-					applies Debian patches, and ensures
-					that the patches applied cleanly.
+	debian/rules setup              Completely unpacks and patches
+                                        the source. This will also
+                                        warn about patches that don't
+                                        cleanly apply.

  Directory containing the internals of Doogie's Build System.  If any

Treasurer, GOLUM, Inc.

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