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X Strike Force SVN commit: rev 193 - people/daniel

Author: daniel
Date: 2003-06-13 01:59:42 -0500 (Fri, 13 Jun 2003)
New Revision: 193

update p/d/STATUS with new arm info. i'm going to ping
arm/hppa/ia64/m68k/mipsel/s390, as i think i've resolved their ftbfses.

Modified: people/daniel/STATUS
--- people/daniel/STATUS	2003-06-13 06:56:40 UTC (rev 192)
+++ people/daniel/STATUS	2003-06-13 06:59:42 UTC (rev 193)
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
 alpha:        known good; build completed. (me)
-arm:          first build FTBFSed, awaiting patch from Othmar/Phil Blundell.
+arm:          needs rebuild from new sources, now I have Phil's patch.
 freebsd-i386: MANIFEST needed, otherwise works! (rmh)

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